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Conversational AI

AI chat for product purchase

This is an innovation experiment. Experiments help companies test distuptive technologies by creating fast proofs of concepts tailored on their specific use cases. Contact to apply

AI for product seach and configuration

We will integrate conversational AI in websites, portals and eshops to enable new ways of searching for products and configuring product variations.

The value of conversational AI

Conversational AI has the capability to understand and process human language, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, even if they are unaware of the exact product name. Customers can interact with a virtual assistant to specify their preferences and requirements using natural language, which facilitates finding and purchasing the right product.

Where can we use it

Integrating conversational AI into a product exploration experience can enhance the customer experience and improve product discoverability. For instance, it can ask customers a series of questions to determine their needs and preferences, and then suggest products that match those requirements. In the case of products that have numerous variations, a conversational approach can replace complex user interfaces with a more natural approach.

What we will do

We will experiment with a conversational interface to search, configure, and purchase products in an online experience. By using a combination of natural language processing, conversational AI, and data classification, we will work with partners to map their product catalog and develop an MVP (minimum viable product) of a conversational experience. Finally, we will conduct user testing to determine the business value of the experiment.

What will you get

Each partner will receive 30 hours of free consultation.

How to apply

An invitation is required to apply for the experiments. If you are wish to participate, please write to and explain why you are interested in the project.